Like Twice

Me: Hello, so where do you work?

I work at Twice, an online clothing exchange.

Me: So like an online consignment “shop”?

Yes, exactly.


Me: So, how do you get the clothes?

People email us, we send them a selling kit (shipping bag and a shipping label) and they mail their items to us. We then evaluate the items and send them an offer – we set a price and we keep a certain percentage for selling it.  We have certain guidelines…like it has to be clean and not older than 5 years, etc.

Me: Wow…what a great idea! I know second hand clothes seem to be a big hit these days, but people who live in less populated areas probably don’t have as many options as we do here.

Yes, it’s been great! We’re doing great – it’s a great company and I love the people I work with.

Me: What an amazing idea…I can’t get over how creative people are with the use of technology. Who founded it? And When?

Two guys who used to work for Google – Noah Ready-Campbell and Calvin Young; they quit Google to do a start-up. It’s been around since March 2012.

Me: Amazing…

We also have a referral program – so invite your friends – “You each get $10 when your friend shops, and another $10 when they sell.”  You can earn up $500 in store credit.

Laura’s Note: One of my son’s once said that used clothing was the best kind of recycling we could do.  He said if you donate/sell your items you are keeping them out of a land fill and if you buy perfectly good used items you are also keeping them out of a land fill.

“we include disabled people in our dance company”


Me: Hello, where are you coming from?

Oh, we were rehearsing; I’m a dancer with ODC.

Me: Where is ODC located?

It’s in the Mission (San Francisco)…we also have a school with students whose age ranges from 3-95.

Me: Oh, how interesting? What kind of classes?

All kinds of classes…hula, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, you name it.

Me: So, like how many hours a week do you rehearse?

We rehearse about 25 hours, but we dancers have a 40 hour contract.

Me: Wow…that’s a lot. How long have you been dancing and how hard was it to become a dancer with a dance company? How did you get started?

I’ve been with ODC for 12 years. And yes…it’s pretty competitive. When I got out of college, I didn’t get a job right away. I was freelancing for a while but then I became aware of a position with ODC, applied and got hired.

Me: Hmm…so it wasn’t easy, but you stuck with it.

Yes, but I’m about to leave. I have kids and they’re young.

Me: Oh?!! And what are you going to do?

I’m going to be work part-time doing choreography for a physically integrated dance company.

Me: What is that?

We include disabled people in our dance company – it’s called AXIS Dance Company.

Me: Oh my goodness….that’s fascinating!



Me: Hello….so what do you do?

I’m a Data Scientist for TeeSpring 

Me: What is that? (Referring to both his title and the name of the company he worked for.)

Teespring allows you to custom design your own t-shirts with no cost, risk or hassle.  You don’t have to buy them upfront, we only print as many as you get orders for and we ship them!

Me: Wait….really? I had t-shirts made once, but haven’t reordered because I had to pay for them up front, guess on how many of each size to order and because I didn’t have automated ordering in place.

Did you have someone design them for you?

Me: Yes, and that of course, cost too. How would I go about getting a quote from you guys.

Oh, it’s all automated. You can upload your design or use our online designer and you’ll get a quote right then.  

Me: Wow…I’m getting excited! I have these t-shirts I want to sell, but I didn’t want to buy a bunch of them and then fill orders and ship them.

You don’t have to do that with us. You do, however, have to decide on a minimum, but it can be as low as 5…of course, the more you order, the lower the price and the more you make on each t-shirt.  

Me: As low as 5 t-shirts?

Yes…and our prices are very competitive.

Me: Ok, I’m excited! Do you make book bags?

No, why?

Me: Well, I was thinking about printing book bags because I, personally, do not wear t-shirts very often, but, if I wanted to promote something, I could always have a bag on me.

Interesting logic, maybe we should look into that.

Note:  I checked out their website and found out they have a referral program. if you Invite a friend to sell on Teespring. When your friend launches their first campaign, you each earn a $1 reward per shirt sold, up to $1000 each!  So if you decide to try them out for your next t-shirt project, click here: Try Teespring

Also, if you are interested in fundraising, check out their Teespring University– a guide to design, sales and marketing your t-shirt campaign.  It also has a tab with Success Stories.

Laura’s Comment:  In my parenting classes I encourage parents to teach their kids to solve problems by creating “win/win” solutions.  In my mind, Teespring is a “win/win” business.

Underwater Dreams

true phoenix story inspiring movie   thWBWRLP2P

I was supposed to ask this guy about his job, but I never got to it…here’s what he wanted to talk about:

I just saw an amazing documentary!!

Me: Oh!  What was it?

It was called: Underwater Dreams…it’s a true story about these 4 undocumented high school students who enter a NASA/Navy sponsored underwater robotics competition and they go up against teams from colleges like Stanford and MIT and they get first place!  Amazing… creative  and ingenious they were…they bought everything at Home Depot!

Me: Wow…I have to write that down…Where is playing?

Oh, they showed it at Google in Mountain View  (Office Snapshots)-  where I work. 

Oh, I have to write that down…I want to make sure I watch it.


Note:  This week, I found out they made a movie called Spare Parts: Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot, and the Battle for the American Dream with George Lopez and Jamie Lee Curtis, but was disappointed to find out that there is  only one theater in the whole Bay Area showing it and at one time – 2:15pm.  It has been a month since it was released, and obviously I was oblivious to its release on January 16.  Interestingly, the first showing was at Carl Hayden Community High School in Phoenix; George Lopez was there along with the 4 real students who entered the competition 10 years ago.

(I still have not seen Underwater Dreams, but I did see that it’s for sale on Amazon.   I would love to show it to as many Latino students and parents as I possibly can.  As you may know, I conduct parenting classes for parents, many of whom are Latinos, and one of the challenges I have encountered is realizing these parents have low expectations for their teens.  It all starts with what we believe about our kids.

2015 Summer Internship – Pixar Undergraduate Program (PUP)


pixar logo

Me: so, where do you work?

I work at Pixar right here in Emeryville.

Me: Oh how fun!

Yes, it is fun.

Me: How did you go about finding your job?

I did an internship there.

Me: And how did you go about finding your internship?

Oh, on their website. I saw it there and applied. Then after my internship, I got hired.

Me: Oh, I’m going to have to tell my son to check the website.

Yeah, I don’t think there are any listed right now, but tell him to keep checking.

Me:  Is it a paid internship?

Yes.  They pay you and give you a housing allowance so you can pay your rent. 


Note:  There are several available internships right now.  Right now there is one for their Pixar Undergraduate Program (PUP Summer 2015  The deadline to apply is March 1, 2015.

Who Should Apply

The ideal candidate is someone at the beginning of their academic career who is currently enrolled as an undergraduate student. Pixar Undergraduate Program (PUP) students will return to school upon conclusion of the program.

Summary of Position

Pixar’s Undergraduate Program (“PUP”) is a classroom-based, 10 week hands-on course taught by a variety of experienced Technical Directors at Pixar.  In this program, students will have the opportunity to learn about Pixar’s filmmaking process and explore a variety technical career options as they get first-hand experience in how a production studio works. The classroom curriculum will focus on several technical aspects of filmmaking, such as: modeling, shading, rigging, lighting, simulation and visual effects. Students will work on projects individually and in small groups to reinforce lecture concepts.  Additionally, students will be exposed to production work in greater detail through presentations by a variety of Technical Directors at Pixar.


Currently enrolled undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Digital Effects, Art or a related field.

“I photograph commercial businesses”

Me: Tell me about the function you just attended.

Oh! It was the San Francisco Art and Design Show.

Me: What does that mean? Art and Design?

Yes, it was really cool, because you don’t normally think of the two together inspite of the fact that they are usually in the same room. Say your living room, for example. You’ll have art in your living room and beautifully designed furniture.

Me: Oh…I get it. So what is your interest?

I’m a photographer.

Me: For fun or to make money?

Both! I figured out how to make money with my skills. I photograph commercial businesses. 

Me: Oh, so like for their websites or ads?

Yes, exactly, for their marketing material and publicity.

Me:  Wow…that’s great to see you making a living doing something you love to do.

Yes, I’ve been taking pictures since I was 8 years old.

Me:  So, where can I see your photographs?

On my website:

Note:  He specializes in both residential and commercial architecture.  He has been hired for projects by publications such as VOGUE and DWELL.  Stunning photographs….

“we bring people in to play video games”


Me: Hello….do you work in San Francisco?

No, I work in San Mateo.

Me: Oh, for who?

I work for PlayStation.

Me: Oh….what do you do?

I do User Experience Research.

Me: And what exactly does that mean?

We bring people in to play video games, they play for hours, we feed them and watch them play and then we ask them questions.   We then analyze the data and give it to the designers.

Me: Oh, so is that their job? To play video games?

Yes and no. It’s not a full-time job, but they do get paid.

Me: So how does someone sign up to play video games?

They have to sign up through VG Markets. That company finds people and matches them up according to what we are looking for.

Me: Do you have to be over 18?

No, sometimes we have groups of younger kids, like 7 year olds…their parents signed them up.


This is the link to sign up to get invited to playtests and focus groups.

This is the link to sign up to get paid to complete surveys.

This is the site to see current jobs at PlayStation – Sony Entertainment in San Mateo, CA


Thiel Fellow


Me: Oh!  Is that a Canadian accent I hear? My roommate in college was from Canada.

Oh, from where?

Me:  She was from Kelowna.

Oh, I’m from Calgary.

Me:  Oh, ok! so what do you do?

I’m in robotics.

Me:  Who do you work for?


Me:  Wow!  How did you first get started?

When I was 14, I modified a wheelchair for my grandmother*.

Me:  Oh wow! so did you go to school?

No, I dropped out.  Have you heard of Peter Thiel, the guy who co-founded PayPal? He started the Thiel Fellowship and I was in the first 2011 class. 

Me: Yes, I have heard of him and of the fellowship So you dropped out of college…how did your parents take it?

Well, I come from a lower socio-economic background, so they weren’t too happy, but they were glad I didn’t have to get in debt to go to college.

Me:  Wow!! and now you have your own company!  How much effort do you have to put into helping companies find what you do?

Not much, for the most part, they find me. 

Me:  How?

Mostly at trade shows, conferences, stuff like that.

Me:  Well, I am honored to meet you.

Note:  Here is a link to Documentaries about the fellows.  Share, share and share with young people – they are very inspiring…(this is the reason, I’m sharing these conversations).

“I was a hacker who hated the government… and now I’m a nonprofit leader trying to help the world.”

*Here’s a little more info I found on the wheelchairs:

– a walker wheelchair combination that allows users in a debilitating or rehabilitating condition to use the device as a walker when they are able to, but also as an electric wheelchair when they need to remain mobile, but also need rest.

– a sophisticated, versatile wheelchair platform capable of navigating steps, uneven terrain, and entire staircases. This allows users without the ability to walk to go almost anywhere than an able bodied human can go, incinerating most accessibility barriers facing wheelchair users.

Free Car Rentals?


Me: So who do you work for?

I work for myself.

Me: Oh! What company did you start?

I started a company that allows you to rent cars for free.

Me: Really?

Yes. Sometimes, for example, people will rent a car one-way from Los Angeles to San Francisco and a car rental company will end up having to ship that car back to Los Angeles – and that costs a lot. So I thought of a way to find people who want to rent a car from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The company saves money and the people save money – the company even pays for gas.  

Me: Wow, I’m going to have to look into that.

Yes, you really should especially if you have ever thought about renting a RV, we have those, too. Click on “How it Works” on our website

Up Global

Me:  Who do you work for?

I work for UpGlobal – a nonprofit.

Me:  Oh…what does UpGlobal do? 

UpGlobal helps entrepreneurs who want to create a startup.

Me:  Wow…that’s interesting.  What kinds of things do they do?

One of things we do is we hold Startup Weekends where people come for the whole weekend and talk about their ideas.  We show them how to find investors and how to create a startup.

Me:  Do you also tell them what you think of their idea?

Well, the whole group ends up giving feedback to everyones idea.

Me:  Where are these held?

Oh…all over…in many cities…all over the world…our goal is to to 1000 cities by 2016.

Me:  And how much does it cost to go to one of these?

$99 for the whole weekend – from Friday night to Sunday night.  You could also sign up to just hear their final presentations on Sunday evening for $25.

Me:  Hmmm…I would love for more high schools kids to be able to go and hear some of those presentations.

 Presenting the 2014 Global Startup Battle Champions