Underwater Dreams

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I was supposed to ask this guy about his job, but I never got to it…here’s what he wanted to talk about:

I just saw an amazing documentary!!

Me: Oh!  What was it?

It was called: Underwater Dreams…it’s a true story about these 4 undocumented high school students who enter a NASA/Navy sponsored underwater robotics competition and they go up against teams from colleges like Stanford and MIT and they get first place!  Amazing…..how creative  and ingenious they were…they bought everything at Home Depot!

Me: Wow…I have to write that down…Where is playing?

Oh, they showed it at Google in Mountain View  (Office Snapshots)-  where I work. 

Oh, I have to write that down…I want to make sure I watch it.


Note:  This week, I found out they made a movie called Spare Parts: Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot, and the Battle for the American Dream with George Lopez and Jamie Lee Curtis, but was disappointed to find out that there is  only one theater in the whole Bay Area showing it and at one time – 2:15pm.  It has been a month since it was released, and obviously I was oblivious to its release on January 16.  Interestingly, the first showing was at Carl Hayden Community High School in Phoenix; George Lopez was there along with the 4 real students who entered the competition 10 years ago.

(I still have not seen Underwater Dreams, but I did see that it’s for sale on Amazon.   I would love to show it to as many Latino students and parents as I possibly can.  As you may know, I conduct parenting classes for parents, many of whom are Latinos, and one of the challenges I have encountered is realizing these parents have low expectations for their teens.  It all starts with what we believe about our kids.