“I photograph commercial businesses”

Me: Tell me about the function you just attended.

Oh! It was the San Francisco Art and Design Show.

Me: What does that mean? Art and Design?

Yes, it was really cool, because you don’t normally think of the two together inspite of the fact that they are usually in the same room. Say your living room, for example. You’ll have art in your living room and beautifully designed furniture.

Me: Oh…I get it. So what is your interest?

I’m a photographer.

Me: For fun or to make money?

Both! I figured out how to make money with my skills. I photograph commercial businesses. 

Me: Oh, so like for their websites or ads?

Yes, exactly, for their marketing material and publicity.

Me:  Wow…that’s great to see you making a living doing something you love to do.

Yes, I’ve been taking pictures since I was 8 years old.

Me:  So, where can I see your photographs?

On my website: alexandergetty.com

Note:  He specializes in both residential and commercial architecture.  He has been hired for projects by publications such as VOGUE and DWELL.  Stunning photographs….

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