“we include disabled people in our dance company”


Me: Hello, where are you coming from?

Oh, we were rehearsing; I’m a dancer with ODC.

Me: Where is ODC located?

It’s in the Mission (San Francisco)…we also have a school with students whose age ranges from 3-95.

Me: Oh, how interesting? What kind of classes?

All kinds of classes…hula, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, you name it.

Me: So, like how many hours a week do you rehearse?

We rehearse about 25 hours, but we dancers have a 40 hour contract.

Me: Wow…that’s a lot. How long have you been dancing and how hard was it to become a dancer with a dance company? How did you get started?

I’ve been with ODC for 12 years. And yes…it’s pretty competitive. When I got out of college, I didn’t get a job right away. I was freelancing for a while but then I became aware of a position with ODC, applied and got hired.

Me: Hmm…so it wasn’t easy, but you stuck with it.

Yes, but I’m about to leave. I have kids and they’re young.

Me: Oh?!! And what are you going to do?

I’m going to be work part-time doing choreography for a physically integrated dance company.

Me: What is that?

We include disabled people in our dance company – it’s called AXIS Dance Company.

Me: Oh my goodness….that’s fascinating!

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