Me: Hello….so what do you do?

I’m a Data Scientist for TeeSpring 

Me: What is that? (Referring to both his title and the name of the company he worked for.)

Teespring allows you to custom design your own t-shirts with no cost, risk or hassle.  You don’t have to buy them upfront, we only print as many as you get orders for and we ship them!

Me: Wait….really? I had t-shirts made once, but haven’t reordered because I had to pay for them up front, guess on how many of each size to order and because I didn’t have automated ordering in place.

Did you have someone design them for you?

Me: Yes, and that of course, cost too. How would I go about getting a quote from you guys.

Oh, it’s all automated. You can upload your design or use our online designer and you’ll get a quote right then.  

Me: Wow…I’m getting excited! I have these t-shirts I want to sell, but I didn’t want to buy a bunch of them and then fill orders and ship them.

You don’t have to do that with us. You do, however, have to decide on a minimum, but it can be as low as 5…of course, the more you order, the lower the price and the more you make on each t-shirt.  

Me: As low as 5 t-shirts?

Yes…and our prices are very competitive.

Me: Ok, I’m excited! Do you make book bags?

No, why?

Me: Well, I was thinking about printing book bags because I, personally, do not wear t-shirts very often, but, if I wanted to promote something, I could always have a bag on me.

Interesting logic, maybe we should look into that.

Note:  I checked out their website and found out they have a referral program. if you Invite a friend to sell on Teespring. When your friend launches their first campaign, you each earn a $1 reward per shirt sold, up to $1000 each!  So if you decide to try them out for your next t-shirt project, click here: Try Teespring

Also, if you are interested in fundraising, check out their Teespring University– a guide to design, sales and marketing your t-shirt campaign.  It also has a tab with Success Stories.

Laura’s Comment:  In my parenting classes I encourage parents to teach their kids to solve problems by creating “win/win” solutions.  In my mind, Teespring is a “win/win” business.

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