Like Twice

Me: Hello, so where do you work?

I work at Twice, an online clothing exchange.

Me: So like an online consignment “shop”?

Yes, exactly.


Me: So, how do you get the clothes?

People email us, we send them a selling kit (shipping bag and a shipping label) and they mail their items to us. We then evaluate the items and send them an offer – we set a price and we keep a certain percentage for selling it.  We have certain guidelines…like it has to be clean and not older than 5 years, etc.

Me: Wow…what a great idea! I know second hand clothes seem to be a big hit these days, but people who live in less populated areas probably don’t have as many options as we do here.

Yes, it’s been great! We’re doing great – it’s a great company and I love the people I work with.

Me: What an amazing idea…I can’t get over how creative people are with the use of technology. Who founded it? And When?

Two guys who used to work for Google – Noah Ready-Campbell and Calvin Young; they quit Google to do a start-up. It’s been around since March 2012.

Me: Amazing…

We also have a referral program – so invite your friends – “You each get $10 when your friend shops, and another $10 when they sell.”  You can earn up $500 in store credit.

Laura’s Note: One of my son’s once said that used clothing was the best kind of recycling we could do.  He said if you donate/sell your items you are keeping them out of a land fill and if you buy perfectly good used items you are also keeping them out of a land fill.

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