Up Global

Me:  Who do you work for?

I work for UpGlobal – a nonprofit.

Me:  Oh…what does UpGlobal do? 

UpGlobal helps entrepreneurs who want to create a startup.

Me:  Wow…that’s interesting.  What kinds of things do they do?

One of things we do is we hold Startup Weekends where people come for the whole weekend and talk about their ideas.  We show them how to find investors and how to create a startup.

Me:  Do you also tell them what you think of their idea?

Well, the whole group ends up giving feedback to everyones idea.

Me:  Where are these held?

Oh…all over…in many cities…all over the world…our goal is to to 1000 cities by 2016.

Me:  And how much does it cost to go to one of these?

$99 for the whole weekend – from Friday night to Sunday night.  You could also sign up to just hear their final presentations on Sunday evening for $25.

Me:  Hmmm…I would love for more high schools kids to be able to go and hear some of those presentations.

 Presenting the 2014 Global Startup Battle Champions



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