Software Engineer, Twitter

Jack Dorsey, a co-founder and the chairman of Twitter, in 2009
Me:  So what was your major in school? 
I took engineering…
Me:  What kind?
Computing science
Me:  Oh…and who do you work for?
Twitter, do you have a Twitter account?
Me:  Yes and I’m going to take advantage of this and ask you things I don’t know how to do on Twitter.  1) How do you reply to thank someone for the follow without replying to everyone?  2) Can you link your Twitter account to more than one website?
No…both of those are really good questions… the answer to both of those questions is: “we’re working on it”.  But regarding the URL, yes there only is room for one URL but you can add your other websites in your bio. 
Me:  So, how many people work at Twitter?
I think we’re at about 2,500.
Me:  Hmmm… not as many as Facebook, I hear they have about 7,000 employees. 

My twitter account: @yourlovecup

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