Account Executive, ClearSlide

Me:  Hi!  How are you?
I’m good.
Me:  Ok, so can I ask you about your job?
Me:  Ok, so who do you work for and what do you do?  What’s your job title?
I work for ClearSlide….I am in sales…I sell software.  I’m an Account Executive.
Me:  Oh!  I haven’t heard about ClearSlide.  What does it do?
ClearSlide helps sales people share slide decks with their customers.  It lets them see how much time the customer spent looking at the slides and they can also see which slides they looked at.
Me:  Oh, wow!  That would have been a great tool to have when I was doing pharmaceutical sales.  So, who are your customers?
My customers are companies…companies who have sales teams.  My job is to get the company to buy our product to help their sales people be more effective.

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