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I specialize in helping parents raise kids who feel loved, have good self-esteem and have huge goals.  Specific strengths include helping parents learn how to restore trust, respect and collaboration with teenagers while having fun!

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. My parents came to California when I was 8 months old from Mexico.  We came to the Fairfield area where my parents worked in the fields and put us to work in the fields as soon as we could walk.  If you could walk, you could pick up prunes and fill your little bucket.  I worked in the fields every summer until I was able to get a different job at the age of 15.

My educational background is in Public Health Education.  I received a BA from Pacific Union College and a Master’s in Public Health from Loma Linda University.  I was drawn to health education for as long as I can remember.  I worked in Public Health in the area of HIV prevention/treatment for the first 8 years of my career and figured I always would, but life had a different plan.  I was offered a job in HIV pharmaceutical sales at a time when I found myself with the sole responsibilty of raising my 3 sons.  I was introduced to a “world” I knew nothing about.  I was able to transfer my skills effectively into a successful career where I experienced launching one of the most effective HIV medications to-date and then later launched several tests that have changed the way physicians treat HIV patients.  I had the opportunity to do everything from scheduling sales calls, to organizing dinner programs for doctors, to educating doctors on the tests our company invented, to negotiating contracts with hospitals, to showing people how to send the blood samples to our lab via Fedex, to working with some incredibly smart, funny and caring people at Monogram Biosciences.

Since I was a single mom, the travel involved was more than my sons’ mental health could handle.  People had always commented on what amazing sons I had and kept encouraging me to share what I had done.  I did exactly that.  I created a parenting curriculum and pitched it to the Hayward Unified School District and Alameda Alliance, a local health insurance company and in 2005, I left Monogram Biosciences.

Two years later I was recruited to go back and I did.  In 2013, I once again left to dedicate myself to helping parents raise kids who feel loved, have good self-esteem and have huge goals.  For me, it’s all about parenting.  How is someone going to get their kids to eat broccoli if the kid is in charge?  How is the kid going to be remember to take his homework to school if the parent keeps rescuing him?  How is the parent going to get the teenager who keeps cutting class to go to school?

In 2008, I launched the blog on parenting and the one where I share favorite healthy recipes.  Two things I have always enjoyed are learning and sharing what I’ve learned.  In 2014, I launched the blog where I share conversations I’ve had with random professionals. These blogs have become a such a great, accessible way for me to share all the things I am continually learning.  My goal with parenting is to encourage parents.  My goal with my recent blog is to inspire teens who are starting to think about their options.   My next goal is to share things I love.  Two things I’ve always loved are toys and books.  I”ll be sharing my favorites on my Amazon store (coming soon).  My three blogs:

Conversations with Random Professionals

How’s Your Love Cup Parenting Blog

Healthy, Delicious, Quick and Bilingual Recipes

Thank you for your interest in my life path, please join me on my journey by sharing with the people you care about!


I believe in families!
I believe parents can change!
I believe kids can change!  I believe teens can changes!
I believe family can be fun!

I also believe in:

1) Teaching our children to think for themselves by allowing them lots of decision-making practice, i.e., not controlling them,

2) Loving them – caring, accepting, respecting, connecting with them, and involving them by giving them responsibilities, and

3) Believing in them, inspiring and motivating them to do more than they ever thought possible.

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